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  • it is not macklemore’s fault that same love is popular. it is his fault that mary lambert was on stage with him and he did not take that opportunity to promote music by queer people or say that he couldn’t have done this without queer people. which would have taken two seconds. it is also his fault mary lambert only got to perform the chorus (yes, only)
  • it is not macklemore’s fault that he is straight. it is his fault that he, as a straight person, purposefully and willfully paints the rap genre to be heterosexist, which ignores and erases queer rappers that do work about queer issues and exist. it’s also his fault that as a straight person, he uses and attempts to reclaim a slur in his song. i don’t give a fuck what kind of context you’re using it in, don’t do that. it’s also his fault that, as a straight person doing a song about gsrm issues, erases gsrm folk (ie. trans*) within the song. and it’s also his fault that he chooses to oversimplify queer issues in the same song.
  • it is not macklemore’s fault that he is white. it is his fault that, as a white person, he appropriates the hell out of black culture even as he’s supposedly recognizing his privilege in his other bullshit song, White Privilege.
  • stop telling people, especially queer people, that they should be grateful to macklemore for “spreading awareness” or that people expressing their justified dislike or hate of mackemore, his songs, and/or his fanbase are “the reason people are afraid to talk queer politics/the reason we need people like macklemore/the reason queer issues should be presented in this way, instead of a ‘hateful’ way.” that blatantly victim-blames an oppressed group.
  • also stop it because it implies that queer people should be happy with the support they’re getting, as long as it’s support—when actually, fuck you. this is not the kind of support i asked for, not the kind i want, not the kind i deserve. it also implies that queer people aren’t allowed to want more, or that wanting more/better support is selfish, which??? what????
  •  stop implying that queer people, as an oppressed group, should be nice to members of an oppressive group for doing what they have already been doing, what they’ve been imprisoned for doing, what they’ve been silenced for doing.
  • if your support of an oppressed group depends on how nice members of that group are to you, then your support is bullshit and you should immediately put effort into maybe not being a useless, oppressive “ally.”

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